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Monday, September 26, 2011

Kid At Heart

Photographs for purchase at my Etsy shop Chestnut Hill Vintage

My husband, Jon, and I went for a hike in Vermont over the weekend to see the aftermath of Hurricane Irene. There's a gorge near Townsend and we decided to head down the really steep hill to walk along the shore. The water level had reached a historical high, and the trees around the edges were bent over from the current. The water was a greenish murky color and the roots of the large trees were exposed. It was quite a sight. But even among chaos there was such natural beauty.

As we walked I could smell a minty fragrance and came across a silver birch that had fallen in the storm. All of its branches were adorned with beautiful pine cones. I thankfully broke some off to bring home. Jon brought over a really interesting green stone with swirly designs...we soon realized that many of the small stones in newly washed up piles were also this interesting color and I collected a handful along with some quartz iridescent stones. So pretty.

Hiking back up I noticed all sorts of mushrooms, mossy tree trunks, and came across a few bright orange newts. I felt like a kid again, in awe of nature and the wonder of creation.

Along our journeys that day we stopped at several tag sales, an estate sale, and a few fabulous junk/antique shops. We finished the day watching the sun go down in our kayaks at the reservoir in NH. All in all it was a perfect day and I went to sleep thankful for the many blessings.

Here are some glimpses in to our day. Enjoy and God bless, Amy