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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

CHV Fall Collection

Here's a look at the 
Chestnut Hill Vintage Fall Collection 
I'll be listing this week on my shop! 

Think vintage-inspired Thanksgiving table!

Wooden Napkin Rings

Vintage Velvet Ribbon (in various colors)

Scottish Scarf~ works perfectly as a table runner

Pheasant Tumblers

Gold-Rimmed Crystal Goblets

Green Hen Dish

Amber Tumblers

Rooster with Emerald Eyes

Brass Country-Kiss Nut Crackers (Great hostess gift!)

Ceramic Rooster

All coming this week to CHV!

(Nursery updates to come...It'll be ready to show 
once I've finished the wall appliques/hangings!)

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Nursery Inspiration

The bedroom has been officially cleaned and is ready to be moved into! I'm up with my cup of (decaf) coffee and am browsing for a little nursery inspiration. There's soo much cute stuff  out there!!!

Although I think its a little too elegant for our taste, I love the clean and soft look that all the different whites bring, as well as the vintage feel in this nursery from the Savio Firmino collection.

(And who wouldn't want to rest their tired toes on this cozy rug?!)
See more here.

Speaking of vintage appeal, check out this sweet nursery designed by Kelli Murray.

So sweet, love it! More here.

Though I'm showing lots of white furniture, ours is actually dark mahogany..We chose this based on the beautiful changing table that my best friend from high school, Silvia, handed down to us. 
Here's a fun, neutral design by A Peltier Interiors in California.

Ok, off to my weekly OB appointment, then back to start up again on that room!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Day 1, Nursery Transformation

We decided to have our baby girl stay right in our bedroom for the Winter. Upstairs is typically colder being such an old house and because our bedroom is already downstairs it made more sense to stay on the first floor and decide in the Spring how to go about renovating to give her a room of her own. (Therefore moving ours upstairs as well.)

Here's a before look at our bedroom and I'll keep you posted with our progress.....

Pretty simple.

(Next on our To Buy list....a bigger bed :) )


(Tux and Macy don't seem to mind it!)

Stay tuned... I'm now turning on my Pandora "Feist" station and putting on my rubber gloves to CLEAN!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Full Time

I am so pleased to say I'll no longer be working my full-time job as of Friday. I'll be preparing for our new arrival, a sweet baby girl! due November 7th, as well as putting my energy and focus into my Etsy shop, Chestnut Hill Vintage. I can't wait to have the time to load the items I've been saving for months! And to have good time to work on home-made items I've been dreaming of making but haven't had the time for. (Although I'm not naive to the fact that a baby IS full-time.. :) But its a different kind of "Full time"!)

Can't wait!
 I hope all is well with you,