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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Wednesday Morning

Its beautiful here this morning! There's a dense fog and yet the sun is shining through and its going to be a beautiful day!!! (Do you hear that snow??)

I stepped out onto my porch and could smell Spring! And birds were chirping joyful songs, "not with frozen-shut beaks" my mom would say, and it made my whole heart HAPPY!!!
I'm so ready! For warm walks and to sit on the porch. To leave the door open and jam to Jack Johnson and other sun-inspiring tunes. I just can't. Wait.
I'm torn over this little brick walk. It's wobbly and has a big puddle in the center from a bump caused by the huge tree root going under it. But I don't want to take it up! I love it's character and imperfections. Hmmm. We'll see if I can convince the hubster. ;)-
Meanwhile. Things around here are fun and silly! My girls take care of any Winter blues. Here's a couple photos from this past week..

Avie is a water baby. Loves "swimming" in the tub. She'll serve me tub-side coffee, cake, pie. Whatever's on the Avie Tub Time Menu. :) Some of my favorite times are just hanging out with her, me sitting on the bath mat... Good thing it's comfy!

Little Quinn is such a delight, smiling up a storm! She took a paci for the first time last week and it's been a beautiful thing! Zzzzzz..... She had her first taste of squash and then apple and banana. Though opening her mouth for the spoon is somewhat baffling to her at the moment ;)... I'm sure she'll learn quick and she seems to love the taste.

Love my little family. So blessed.
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Saturday, March 7, 2015

DIYs waiting on Sun...

Not gonna lie... I'm going a little stir crazy over here in New England. Spring is just round the corner yet there' still two feet of snow and the mornings are frigid. It wouldn't be so bad if I hadn't found the blog,! Her name is Jenny and she has a huge knack for DIY. Her tutorials are so easy to follow and every project inspires! Even if something isn't quite your style it still makes you want to try the methods in your own new way. Take a look!
Meanwhile, my pile of DIY-To-Do's is stacking up!! Including this wooden hutch and fun little fourleaf-shape table. They're old and crusty at the moment but have really great potential!

I have an idea for the hutch but it depends on finding the perfect material. And I'm ready to go with the spray paint on that table...both will just need SUN to dry off under. Sighhh. All in time.
Do you like DIY? Would love to hear your success stories. (And even the not so successful. Sometimes those are equally as entertaining ;) )
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