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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Avie and her Doggies

I brought Avalyn in to change her dipe this morning and stopped mid-change 
because the photo-op was too good to pass up!! 

The dogs had come in and plunked down next to her. Tux, our Boston Terrier, does what we call the frog-dog...stretching his legs out behind him. And while Macy desperately needs a grooming, she's a furry teddy bear. So here's a few cute pics if you'd like to see. :)

Pre-dipe-change... She's not so sure.

Post-dipe-change....much better!

They're literally in love...its so sweet.

I took a dozen or so pictures before she lost it... 
This is her saying, "Pleease put me down for my nap."

As you wish love.


Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Design on a Dime

I absolutely love the show Design on a Dime! I'd seen it a couple times before but now that I'm home with Avalyn I'm able to watch it more. It's on in the morning and they do several shows in a row (HGTV!) . Host Casey Noble is amazing and so creative, not to mention adorable and funny. So between watching her interact with the clients and staff and create crazy good design, its a show that any decorating guru would love! If you haven't watched it I highly suggest you give it a try!

Meanwhile, here are some rooms and decor ideas that she has done on the show that are so worth sharing!..

She does really great things on a small budget, hence the name! And she does 
super fun art work that anyone could do and it always ends up looking 
like a high end piece. Really cool to watch.

Here's a couple before and after project ideas that anyone can do!

And being that each show is 30 minutes, you can squeeze it in to your day...while
eating breakfast before work or, say, breastfeeding :)

Enjoy these pics.
Have a great day!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Hello Pottery Barn

I opened my mailbox and was pleased to see a beautiful Pottery Barn catalog! I've been feeling very BLAH the past couple days. I think it was a combo of being over tired and having two cloudy snowy days in a row. Don't get me wrong, the snow was so pretty!...but no good. 
So I was excited to look a little ahead to some Springy decor!

These are the things that caught my eye, from both the catalog and online...
Most importantly...

Of course, what cake wouldn't catch my eye?! ;)
Super fun stand.

Faux roses....for real!

I'm loving the whole Caroline Collection!!

Also from the Caroline Collection...

I'd never have the patience for doing this 
but am always so impressed with topiary!

This just screams Spring morning! I love the clean white
palette, it always illuminates any ounce of sunshine!

Love this vintage-inspired display.

Can we say sunny-afternoon-nap?!

Simple yet so chic.

I love the patterns going on here, and the windows are amazing!
LOVE the coffee table, so rustic.

Again, simple but so lovely.

Who wouldn't want to relax in here? I can just imagine a 
hot shower after an early morning jog!

Nothing says Spring like the scent of fresh herbs. 
(This picture is for you Victoria!)

Now that I've allowed myself a little Spring dreaming, I'd better settle
back in, cozy up and appreciate this wonderful snow while it lasts! 
I'm off to have sugar-on-snow!! A childhood favorite and a family tradition!
Post to follow...Have a great night.


Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Gift of Friendship

Do you have a friend that just knows you? That knows the things you love and that shares so much in common with you? That can laugh with you till you're blue in the face and encourage and see you through your most difficult times?

That friend for me is Callie.

We met in California on a singing tour in 2003, she living in Washington and I in Massachusetts at the time. We share the same faith and the same love for family and found a bond that has stayed true through the years! While in college in NYC she'd come stay with us during breaks and we'd spend our time thrifting, cooking, exploring new towns, and talking till all hours of the night. She's also the one who introduced me to Etsy and encouraged me to start my own shop. I was recently the matron-of- honor-from-a-distance (Too pregnant to travel :(!!!!) for her wedding and we've become closer and closer through the years!

With this being said you can imagine my excitement when I came home yesterday to a giant box from her! It was addressed to Avalyn and I. As soon as I opened it I knew it had to be photographed and shared with you! It was the sweetest to open each gift that she had so lovingly wrapped and embellished! Our taste is very similar and everything was so pretty and delicate. I literally got more and more teary with each thing I opened.

Thank you so much my sweet friend!

Here's a look at our wonderful gifts...



OH....MY..... GOODNESS.......


The cutest ruffly cap sleeves...I can't wait to snuggle her in this :)


so pretty!


I've been collecting vintage ceramic lids to re-purpose. 
This one she found is so sweet and will definitely be perfect in the nursery!
 (I'll post pics when done)

~So tiny and sweet~


SO fun!

(I'm a SUCKER for leopard!!!!)


This vintage stationary is too adorable for words...
just look at those dancing bugs!!!

All of this along with some beautiful things to help me 
feel girly post-baby :)
I feel truly blessed to have Callie in my life! 
There's nothing like a kindred spirit!

You can visit Callie's shops Dovetail Vintage and Sterling and Grace
She  also has a blog you'd all enjoy:

And maybe take an extra minute today to call that sweet friend of yours
and remind them how much you love them :)

Enjoy your weekend!~Amy