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Saturday, July 28, 2012

She's Getting Married!

My sweet friend Callie called me to say she's getting MARRIED! I'm so thrilled to say the least as I know its been the desire of her heart! A short engagement with an October wedding! How perfect. 

Here's to you friend! 
~With my blessings and prayers~
Happy Engagement to Callie and Grant! 

 I Love you Cal!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Shop Sale!

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No exclusions, just a little Thank You to my blog friends who take the time to visit me here at 

Chestnut Hill Vintage and Design!

~Happy Almost-Friday!~

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Storage With Style

Its always fun to get your things....ok, and junk...organized! It's even better when you do it in a way that turns your load of items into a focal piece! I love the colors here. They're very soft, subtle and yet the set up makes all that's being stored look really amazing!
 In my search I came across this great website...

  Casa Sugar 
Stop by and see a bunch of gorgeous photos and get lots of great tips! Here's a little sample.

And here's my own take on a small storage space...

Yes, I know I should download all my CDs... :)
Have a great day!

Sunday, July 22, 2012


My husband and I will be traveling with the rest of my family to Acadia, ME this Summer. It is in my top three favorite places on earth! (Fort de Soto, FL and my home in New England being my other two)...

If you've never been I highly suggest making the trip! It is absolutely beautiful!! A National Park on an island off the coast of Northern Maine with hiking, boating, shopping, art, amazing food and lodging to anyone's liking! I grew up camping in Bass Harbor and the Headlight (Light House) was just a walk away. Balsam and salty sea water fills the air with a scent like no other place I've been.

Here's a few highlights that I always enjoy when visiting!

~Downtown Bar Harbor~

~Bass Harbor Headlight~

~Cadillac Mountain~

~Lobster docks in every harbor, so picturesque!~

~Jordan Pond (Famous for their lawn dining and POPOVERS! with jam~

There's my favorite beach, Sand Beach, which is known for it's small sand dollars! 

There's an amazing array of food, from the classic "Lobstah" shack to pub & grille to fine dining!

And the streets in the harbor towns are lined with galleries, boutiques, 
home decor shops, and fun souvenir stores.

Among my favorites...

This crazy-cool gallery showcases art work by artist Russell D'ALessio

LOVE! One of these days I want to splurge and buy a piece!!
And there's...

...for fun T-shirts and outerwear. Or for a sweet treat grab an ice cream...

Or head over to swanky Northeast Harbor and try baked goods from this amazing bakery!

Ohh man...
 So much to do and impossible not to relax! 

You'd love it!

And I cannot wait to get there! 

Oh, I'll leave you with this!...

Locally made and so delish! Especially as a float :)

Friday, July 20, 2012

I Love the Unexpected

I was driving home from work tonight feeling a bit exhausted and ready to take a break on my couch. Then to my right was this huge yard sale!...Needless to say I got this sudden burst of energy :) I mean, an unexpected yard sale?? On a Friday night?!! Yes please. 
I browsed a bit and saw several things that I loved but didn't actually need or have a place for. Then I came across this lovely lamp that's so sea-glassy and pretty that I just had to get it. It will soon light up our desk once given its proper shade. Take a look. (Bulb stands a teeny bit crooked but with its shade it shouldn't matter.)

I love the detailed brass feet..

There's a white marble block on the inside..

Needs a little love but you can't go wrong for 10 bucks! I'll most likely give it a drum shade to give it a more modern look. I'll post photos once it's found its place.
Thank you for stopping by, Happy Friday!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Get the Look, photograph 4

Here's a look at the next photo...

And here's my take on it...

And for the ambitious....How about creating your own fabric headboard?!

All from the Land of Etsy! 

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Sweet Girl

Some fun news that I have yet to share with my Etsy/Blog friends~

We're expecting a baby girl in November!! We're soo excited to say the least...And we're having a great time thinking of names and melting over ridiculously adorable girls clothes!!! We've already received all sorts of cute-cute outfits, dresses, and footed favorite!! 

Thinking of her room, of course my mind went straight to vintage... 

So I've been collecting and compiling ideas, colors, and finds that have led me to a rosy peachy-pink theme with  accents of gray and various whites for coziness. On my to-do list so far: Painting...whether walls or furniture I have yet to decide, creating a vintage wall-art collection piece(s), sewing a liner for the quaintest vintage bassinet I found, and decorating the lampshade I got for a steal at IKEA ( it!). 
Lots to do and enjoying every second of it!

~Here's a peak at my overall inspiration and color palette...
sorry I didn't iron first :) 

I also want to throw in a bit of ikat or geometric 
flair for a modern touch. 
Something like these here:

Have a great weekend. ~Momma