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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Mini Gardens

Take a look through these mini-garden ideas! So sweet, the possibilities are endless.

(All photos from Pinterest~Follow me HERE!)

Inspired? Go get your hands dirty!! 


Friday, April 26, 2013

Sandals Sandals Sandals!

Sandals...There is nothing like a great pair (Or twelve)! They can make a statement or allow a great pedi to shine. From leather to fabric, skin-tone to floral, there's certainly a perfect sandal for every gal!
Here are some favorites....

First I'll show you the "Sandal" sandals...these are the ones that show up when I search pinterest and when I saw them I had a bittersweet "I love it!"/That's a sandal??" reaction! The designs are so fun and interesting and chic. I would just hope they'd be as comfortable as they are cool...

A dressed up classic look!

Such a lovely soft design & interesting shape.

I love the sleek silhouette! A great Spring/Summer substitute for the boot!


Modern clean lines and the nude strap will make toe polish pop!
Then there are the sandals that have equally fun elements
without the break-my-ankle heels... ;) 
Much more practical for day-to-day...

You had me at animal print....

I love the neutral tones, very versatile!

Cute and beachy!

Wonderfully simple, I love the gold under-straps and hardware.

Another classic, versatile look!


FUN native vibe!

interesting shape, simple detail!

I find the ones I have with this shape are really comfy!

Nothing like a great pair of 'em to compliment or make an outfit!

Happy Friday friends!

Friday, April 19, 2013


We're home from our wonderful visit to Florida! It was such a great time, seeing my grandparents, going to Fort De Soto again, the really hot weather! AH! I'd move there if the summers were not so humid! (Well, and if my entire family would uproot as well.....LOL!)

Here's a few fun pictures..

Her first dip in the ocean was....well, not a go.

Practicing her rolls....

She loved taking walks while daddy fished!

Living on the edge during a beach-side nap! 
(Looks dangerous, but it was safe, I assure you... ;)
and the umbrella created a nice little breeze tunnel!)

Are they not the sweetest you've ever seen? LOVE!

Oh how I miss it already!


I hope you've been well!