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Friday, April 19, 2013


We're home from our wonderful visit to Florida! It was such a great time, seeing my grandparents, going to Fort De Soto again, the really hot weather! AH! I'd move there if the summers were not so humid! (Well, and if my entire family would uproot as well.....LOL!)

Here's a few fun pictures..

Her first dip in the ocean was....well, not a go.

Practicing her rolls....

She loved taking walks while daddy fished!

Living on the edge during a beach-side nap! 
(Looks dangerous, but it was safe, I assure you... ;)
and the umbrella created a nice little breeze tunnel!)

Are they not the sweetest you've ever seen? LOVE!

Oh how I miss it already!


I hope you've been well!


  1. Oh, Amy Thank you m'y dear est for the contact for my Andie.

    Your holiday trip looks so fun, and thèse sweet little feet touching the océan for the first Time is breathtakingly filled with love I am sure of that.

    Come for a visit to my place, a soulful inspiring post.

    Blessings to you and yours


  2. Ooop's Amy I wanted to say thank you for the request for my address, that darn spell check ipad....


    1. Hehehe, don't you hate that spell check? It certainly was a gesture of love to show her such a beautiful thing, though she didn't appreciate it AT ALL!! Ha! Some day she will!
      I'm off to visit you!

  3. Awwwwww Amy, your little cherub is precious!!! I want to nibble those chubby little cheeks! I hated water when I was little, I hated having my hair washed and would scream when my mom tried to rinse it.

    Yes, the Florida summers are extremely humid. My husband tells me just to go with it...just let yourself sweat. Thank goodness for air conditioning and the wonderful summer thunderstorms:)

    1. I totally agree with your hubby, you kind of have to just go with it, otherwise you go a little nutty. :)
      The last day before leaving I helped my grandparents close up their home to come back north and did lots of cleaning. I was sooo incredibly hot and sweaty and wanted to take a shower so bad after about an hour. I just knew the minute I got out that I'd start all over so I had to just wait it out till the end of the day. It rained once though and you're right, its so refreshing! :)
      Thanks Victoria!

  4. Returning to thank you for your beautiful visit.

    A beautiful week to you filled with inspiring thoughts.