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Monday, August 19, 2013

Recipes On My TO TRY List

Browsing Pinterest, I happened upon a few recipes that look too good not to try. And with cooler weather knocking, they're just in time. 

Happy Monday. It's a fresh start.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Fall Looks

I have to say...I'm so looking forward to Fall! I know, I was just whining for Summer to come...Lol. But there is something sooo warm and inviting when Autumn starts to come into view. Maybe that's how it was designed. It lures you in.

One thing that's great of course is Fall clothes.. You can start layering, playing with fun textures and color. And boots.... my favorite... So while I'm still loving Summer and the sun and all it entails, I'm just taking a little peek into Fall.

Love love love this outfit. So perfect.

I always love socks and boots with tights/leggings!

I know, you might think "ugh" but there's something I like about this look. I can't quite decide why and I'm not sure I'd actually do it myself but I just like it.  Hm. :)

Just love these pants with the boots. Kinda edgy.

Cuuute mary jane pumps. Great mix of neutrals!

I'd have to call it sloppy-chic.... but I love the effortless look.

Straight forward and together. 

I'm in looove with this sweater/jacket/thing. And what a fun color boot.

I'm thinking I like the look of a more shapeless jacket like this one. A little update from the fitted ones.

Then there's jewelry...

Why not layer that as well??!

And nails...

Love the emerald shade (8)

And hair. I'm ready to go a bit darker and am going to try the ombre look.
Something like this....

I've been growing my hair out just to try it... this way I can cut it if it looks funny. ;) 

Overall I just love clothes. So any excuse to play with them and try new looks is always exciting.

Thanks for stopping.