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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Nursery Update

Here are the photos I promised earlier of the bedroom/nursery.  As you may remember from my inspiration post I wanted to use lots of whites for a soft, cozy feel. I also wanted a mix of new and vintage for a timeless look. Here's what we ended up with, I hope you like :)!

I reupholstered the rocking chair my mom used when my siblings and I were babies. It's still in progress. I just bought a roping to apply to the edges and there's more tacking to do around the edges but I'm pleased with it so far. I'll post "before" pics later.

This sweater is my favorite so I decided to display it when Avalyn isn't wearing it. My mom gave me these sweet burlap crafted trees before Christmas~she's so good at making things! (More to come...)

These are things I collected from thrift stores while pregnant, and the vintage bottle and buttons were used at my shower as a guessing game for a prize...another sweet touch from mom :).

Wishes and prayers from my beloved family and friends.

Avalyn and Macy taking a mid-morning snooze.
Take notice of the sweet little vintage dress (left) that I got for 50 cents at the local thrift shop! And to the right a beautiful hand-knit sweater from my gram, also too good to hide away in the closet. Cards from friends and family hang over the wicker bassinet I scored at a tag sale this summer! ($3)

Since its still our bedroom I brought in branches and this fun vase for an elegant touch. The vase's square shape mimics a block keeping it in nursery mode. Small hand-sewn birdies perch on the branches echoing the theme from her bedding.

This adorable lamb planter was a gift to my mom from her mom when my sister was born! 
(My sister's not so in to vintage so I'm the lucky keeper!)

Avalyn's hospital card and hat remind us of that wonderful day!! Cute vintage geese are another gift from Mom. She knows me so well!

The changing table was a gift from my best friend from high-school who used it for her own son. I love that it belonged to her! And the armoire is the result of the makeover I previously posted about. With a white coat and free-style motif I'm really happy with the outcome. Nice and simple.

(Look at all those dipes....and they go sooo fast!!!)

If only my closet were this organized....another project for another day!

Super simple....and easy!

Mom and I had so much fun putting together these wall appliques. Also inspired from her bedding, these add   a clean modern look to the large wall. 

Up-close look...

Don't look too close...we were just getting used to this stitching. :)
These birds will eventually hang from a mobile I have yet to put together.

While the decor is fun, the memories of bringing her home to it were that much sweeter!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Silver and Gold

I have to admit....I LOVE decorating with lots and LOTS of silver and gold!!! I think they're so classy, alone or tastefully mixed together. Heck, throw brass and metals in there, too! And what better way to use them then to capture the magic and sparkle of Christmas!

Check out these ridiculously chic displays, items, and rooms from West Elm!

So merry and bright.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Gift Wrapping

There's nothing like receiving a gift that's been lovingly wrapped! While I often find myself wrapping last minute, I always aspire to do something special. Look at these beautiful presents and see if you don't get inspired!

These simple, natural ideas are to my taste. However I love the fun color and creativity in these ideas as well.

Happy wrapping!