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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Terrarium Dreams

I've been thinking about what to plant in my terrarium. I was so eager Saturday that I went outside in search for some mossy pieces and had forgotten that the ground is still frozen solid. Yes, I did remember after yanking on a beautiful green, fuzzy mound that wouldn't budge. It was a good reminder to wait and have patience so I went back in and decided to look up some inspiration instead!... It's always helpful to look through photographs and see what other people have come up with. Here's a few that stood out.

This one I came across at a blog called Sprout Home Brooklyn. Sadly they haven't posted since 2011....But there's some really nice things to look at so I suggest a visit! I love the texture in this one, all the different shades of green. And check out the layered sand...

And it never did occur to me to use simple jars, but I love this one here...Very simple and really pretty! Click on the link to visit Unruly Things. 
She has a really great write up on terrariums and other fabulous things!! 

I also love the idea of a few small ones displayed together, like a mini-inside-garden. (Would be a perfect way to grow herbs from seed!!) Find this idea and more at Apartment Therapy. (Look at that sweet kitty... Sure makes the atmosphere of this apartment seem warm and cozy :))

My hubby and I will be traveling to Florida soon so I'm hoping to bring back a few small finds to display in my terrarium as well, perhaps small shells, sea glass, and such. Here are some with a touch of the ocean. This one's like a tiny walk-on-the-beach! 

And these... although they don't host plants yet, I love how the seller displayed them here. 
A great rendition of a message-in-a-bottle!

The possibilities are really endless. Whatever one creates. So fun!
Have a wonderful Tuesday, hope you're well!

PS...I'll leave you with this. How precious!

Need I say more??

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Slowing Down

It's amazing what you miss in everyday life when you're running around crazy and not taking time to see the beauty in the small things. Today we took a hike and I made every effort to forget work tomorrow, forget the dishes in the sink, forget the projects I have backed up....
and just relax and enjoy the simple things.

(And photograph them to share with you..)

When you stop and really look, you'll see things in a whole different light.
 I encourage you to try. 

Take it easy.

Vintage Finds

As an addition to my thrifting post last Saturday, here is a look in to my vintage finds.

I posted photographs from West Elm a couple weeks back and was so in love with the pedestal terrarium...

I looked for a couple weeks and yesterday...I found this one!!!!...

And this little one...

This little guy will be on the shop come spring!

Here's an inside look at other fresh new items that will be available at Chestnut Hill Vintage soon...

My Spring Collection will be available starting March 1st!

And with that said, the best part of my thrift outing was spending time with my hubby. We work opposite shifts during the week so to have a day with no other commitments was simply perfect! 

Enjoy the rest of your weekend,

Saturday, February 18, 2012


is having a 
Get 25% off everything in the shop!!!

Just enter code 
SPRING2012 at check-out!

Find these items and more at my shop Chestnut Hill Vintage.

Happy Saturday,

Saturday, February 11, 2012

On A Mission

I'm off to see what I can find at the local thrift shop! Stay tuned as I'll post my finds! Meanwhile, here's a few bits of inspiration. I like to challenge myself with a particular look, it makes the hunt that much funner.

I love not only the earthly tones here but also the modern way they've used the vintage maps, lamp, and dish.  A very simple statement.

I LOVE the colors in this bedroom, very neutral and welcoming. I also love the fabric headboard, decorative plates (With a pattern similar to the bed linens, they don't look out of place) and the use of dark-leather tones through out. Rich but not too dark thanks to the white walls and window treatments. I don't really understand the side table in the middle of the floor....for visual purposes I suppose... :) 
I'd stub my toe every morning for sure!

And lastly, while I tend to stick with earth tones in my home, I love the pops of color here! And with warm weather (hopefully) just around the corner, I'm looking to add just a few colorful touches to welcome spring!  Maybe I'll encourage it to come SOON!

Happy Saturday!!! Enjoy your morning~ Amy

Sunday, February 5, 2012

My Boy

We have a Boston Terrier named Tux. He's so full of personality and has such a calm, refined demeanor. Friends will often say, "I'm not really a dog person but I love Tux". There's just something about him. When we went to the breeder's home to pick out a puppy we intended to get a female pup. My husband asked which one I thought was the one. I couldn't help but notice that while all the other pups were bouncing around and yipping that there was this sweet little guy waiting patiently in the background. He was giving us the puppy eyes and I told Jon, "I really like this one". He was excited as he was loving him, too.

They say the best way to know a dog's personality is to turn them on their back and see how the react. Tuxy just layed back and let us scratch his belly. We knew he was the one for us!

I was cleaning a drawer the other day and came across his birth certificate from the breeders. I turned it over and they had written "Mellow Fellow" in the corner. It made my whole heart happy! 

This post's for you Tuxy-bear!

A special shout out to all the fabulous Etsy sellers featured here, thank you for providing these heart-warming goods!

I love you Tux!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

West Elm!

I just happened upon the best online shop....and I realize that I'm probably the last person on earth to see it :) but am so excited just the same. Such amazing photographs, colors, and use of items. I love these vintage bottles but usually see them used in a shabby, cottage style setting. West Elm however, takes a more minimalist approach. Take a look...

And check out these vases~ Shane Powers Fish Bowls...

Such a great shop! I hope you have a minute to browse their website.. you'll see what I mean! :)

Friday, February 3, 2012

Cabin Fever

I'd love to have a small lake-side cabin. I dream of one. Yes, it would be wonderful to sit on the porch in the morning sipping my coffee and listening to the birds. Hiking through the woods and sitting by the fire after a nice swim. Canoeing on the lake til the sun sets.

But mostly...I really want to decorate a cabin.

I love rustic earthy decor, cozy plaids, warm wool, and natural wood. There's something wired in my soul that loves the idea of a rustic woodland cabin! Maybe it's years of camping in a small cabin in Maine with my family. Or spending weeks on end at a summer camp where the cabins consisted of simple wood frames, bunk beds, and a broom. Or perhaps growing up with a dad who runs a sawmill and our cozy mountain-side home with it's wood stove. Its just instilled in me, I guess.

So today, I'm just dreamin'...

Find the above treasures at One Kings Lane

I'm in Love.
Happy Friday. ~Amy