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Friday, February 3, 2012

Cabin Fever

I'd love to have a small lake-side cabin. I dream of one. Yes, it would be wonderful to sit on the porch in the morning sipping my coffee and listening to the birds. Hiking through the woods and sitting by the fire after a nice swim. Canoeing on the lake til the sun sets.

But mostly...I really want to decorate a cabin.

I love rustic earthy decor, cozy plaids, warm wool, and natural wood. There's something wired in my soul that loves the idea of a rustic woodland cabin! Maybe it's years of camping in a small cabin in Maine with my family. Or spending weeks on end at a summer camp where the cabins consisted of simple wood frames, bunk beds, and a broom. Or perhaps growing up with a dad who runs a sawmill and our cozy mountain-side home with it's wood stove. Its just instilled in me, I guess.

So today, I'm just dreamin'...

Find the above treasures at One Kings Lane

I'm in Love.
Happy Friday. ~Amy


  1. what a lovely feature. thank you amy. i've been dreaming about a camp on a lake vacation. these finds would be fabulous there.

  2. Love your positive spin on cabin fever! A rustic, cozy cabin does sound appealing. Many thanks for featuring my bird books on your lovely blog!

  3. Thanks ladies! Maybe if we all pool together.. :)! Hehe!