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Sunday, February 5, 2012

My Boy

We have a Boston Terrier named Tux. He's so full of personality and has such a calm, refined demeanor. Friends will often say, "I'm not really a dog person but I love Tux". There's just something about him. When we went to the breeder's home to pick out a puppy we intended to get a female pup. My husband asked which one I thought was the one. I couldn't help but notice that while all the other pups were bouncing around and yipping that there was this sweet little guy waiting patiently in the background. He was giving us the puppy eyes and I told Jon, "I really like this one". He was excited as he was loving him, too.

They say the best way to know a dog's personality is to turn them on their back and see how the react. Tuxy just layed back and let us scratch his belly. We knew he was the one for us!

I was cleaning a drawer the other day and came across his birth certificate from the breeders. I turned it over and they had written "Mellow Fellow" in the corner. It made my whole heart happy! 

This post's for you Tuxy-bear!

A special shout out to all the fabulous Etsy sellers featured here, thank you for providing these heart-warming goods!

I love you Tux!


  1. Awwww, what a cutie Tux is! My husband and I can't wait to get a dog. The apartment complex we're in now won't allow them but when we're living somewhere that does it's going to be high on our priority list!

  2. You really should get a Boston!! I highly recommend them! (I'll post a pic of Tuxy, I couldn't find one when posting:) )

  3. What a sweet post — thank you so much for thinking to include my Bostons print in such great company!

  4. Thank YOU!! Your print was definitely a must-include, I love it!!