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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Terrarium Dreams

I've been thinking about what to plant in my terrarium. I was so eager Saturday that I went outside in search for some mossy pieces and had forgotten that the ground is still frozen solid. Yes, I did remember after yanking on a beautiful green, fuzzy mound that wouldn't budge. It was a good reminder to wait and have patience so I went back in and decided to look up some inspiration instead!... It's always helpful to look through photographs and see what other people have come up with. Here's a few that stood out.

This one I came across at a blog called Sprout Home Brooklyn. Sadly they haven't posted since 2011....But there's some really nice things to look at so I suggest a visit! I love the texture in this one, all the different shades of green. And check out the layered sand...

And it never did occur to me to use simple jars, but I love this one here...Very simple and really pretty! Click on the link to visit Unruly Things. 
She has a really great write up on terrariums and other fabulous things!! 

I also love the idea of a few small ones displayed together, like a mini-inside-garden. (Would be a perfect way to grow herbs from seed!!) Find this idea and more at Apartment Therapy. (Look at that sweet kitty... Sure makes the atmosphere of this apartment seem warm and cozy :))

My hubby and I will be traveling to Florida soon so I'm hoping to bring back a few small finds to display in my terrarium as well, perhaps small shells, sea glass, and such. Here are some with a touch of the ocean. This one's like a tiny walk-on-the-beach! 

And these... although they don't host plants yet, I love how the seller displayed them here. 
A great rendition of a message-in-a-bottle!

The possibilities are really endless. Whatever one creates. So fun!
Have a wonderful Tuesday, hope you're well!

PS...I'll leave you with this. How precious!

Need I say more??

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