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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Slowing Down

It's amazing what you miss in everyday life when you're running around crazy and not taking time to see the beauty in the small things. Today we took a hike and I made every effort to forget work tomorrow, forget the dishes in the sink, forget the projects I have backed up....
and just relax and enjoy the simple things.

(And photograph them to share with you..)

When you stop and really look, you'll see things in a whole different light.
 I encourage you to try. 

Take it easy.


  1. Very good advice Amy and so true! We need to stop and smell the roses as often as we can:) I was doing really well with my walking earlier in the year but it's sort of drifted off...I really need to get back out there!

    Hope you're doing well:)

  2. Me too...Isn't it funny how walking makes us feel better yet we don't always do it?! There's nothing better than getting fresh air and clearing your mind! Especially when spring is peaking around the corner..Although you don't have that issue out in Cali, lucky girl!!!
    :) Thanks Victoria, I hope you're well too!