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Sunday, September 22, 2013

A Look Back

I was looking through my shop's sold items and was feeling very nostalgic! I opened my shop during a really troubling yet powerful time in my life. Etsy was therapy. A good distraction. And what I had been wanting to do for so long. Now looking back it seems so long ago. While I'm so glad not to be back there, the pictures remind me of the good times I had despite and that so many wonderful things were waiting on the other end!

I'm posting some of my favorite items. Whether it's the item itself or the memory of how I came across it, they all have a little something special attached to them. Funny how objects can do that.

I also miss my old background. I think I may need to go back to it. Hmm.

We'll see. Hope all is well!

PS "After" pictures of our new and improved ( I think..) living room soon to come. It's taken a little longer to pull things together than I would've liked but it's my own slow fault! Plus there's more woodwork trim than I know what to do with so I'm still painting that a little at a time after Avie goes to sleep. :) White. So incredibly unrewarding to spend so much time painting it the same color, just to clean it up.... 
though it has freshened up the whole space! I suppose a clean slate is always good!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Summer Recap

I'm taking a little time to look over my favorite Summer moments. 
Especially being that it was Avie's first Summer. Such a crazy thought.... 
Her first sunset, her first swim, her first taste of watermelon and strawberries. 


Here's her first attempt at popping bubbles with Grammy... 
Cousin Whitney showing her how it's done.

Swimming at Great Grandpa Quinn's...

She absolutely loooves to swim! Well.... trying to anyhow.


And she loooves her Daddy!...

A few pictures from the boat~
I've been meaning for years to paint a series of sunsets.
Someday I will...

AND let's not forget the Hubster getting fresh with the fish... ;)

A good Summer indeed. Thanks for stopping by,

Monday, September 2, 2013

Welcome Fall

It's officially Autumn, arguably my favorite time of year, depending when you ask!
Here's some Pinterest eye candy to help get you in the cozy Fall-time spirit!

...Beautiful! Such a nice way to make guests feel special!

...A fun gallery wall! Easy to re-create.

...I'm loving this dining room and the decor makes it over-the-top cozy!
(Awesome hardwood floor, too.)


...Have to make these, so tiny and perfect. 
(I say I want to every year, but this is THE year!)

...The spiky feathers, apples and green palette are a different take and 
would ease into the Winter season well.

(15 cider recipes are found at this link.... drooool. )

...Very pretty! (An easy DIY centerpiece!)

...I want to try this one, too.

...Lots of white perfectly compliments the natural color!

...So simple but I love the rustic feel.

...Very cozy welcome.

LOVE the black chairs and plaid against the white table and Fall backdrop.

...Easy festive punch bowl.

...Best gallery wall to date. Not specifically "Fall"
 but the colors blend perfectly with the season!

HAPPY Fall to all of you, friends.

(Find all these images/links and more on my Fall/Autumn Pinterest Board!)