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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Double Duty

I found these two lovely mirrors at a local thrift shop for get this...two bucks!! (As in one dollar each!) I was so pleased as I love their thin simple frames and that I can use them to bring more light to our room.

But as we know, mirrors don't have to be hung and I wanted to see what else I could use them for. I've been loving the look of the bar carts that I keep seeing and since I love to entertain I figured it may be a good way to display beverages for guests. I really like the clean simple way that it compliments the glass.
Take a look.

For two bucks, you just can't go wrong :) 
Thanks for stopping by, Amy


  1. Wow, $1 each...that's a wonderful price! It looks so pretty the way you've used it! It's on my list to create a little vintage bar area, I love the idea of "cocktail hour" like in the old movies:)

    Did you see my post from last week? I put up pics of the lamp I bought from you and the gorgeous little evening purse you sent:) I think it was from last Wednesday.

    1. I loved your post!! I posted a comment thanking you, you've been so sweet in telling people about my shop and blog. I really appreciate it Victoria :) And your lamp looks amazing paired with that wonderful shade! They go perfect together! Thanks again,talk with you soon!