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Monday, January 16, 2012

Clean House

This Saturday I decided it was time to re-organize my Etsy space. It's this sweet little room where I store all my Chestnut Hill Vintage finds. It gets a bit unruly at times and when I get it spiffed up I always feel so much better.  We've put our random pieces of furniture to use as storage for all the goods. Here's a peak into a project finished. Now I won't feel guilty resting on the couch :)

Have a great night, Amy


  1. Oh I looooove the vintage beaded purse, I have it in my faves and am praying it doesn't go anywhere til I can buy it! Gorgeous!

    You're so organized! I'm a clean freak, I admit it...if you pick your glass up I'll be cleaning the coaster off while you drink LOL. There are worse things in life I guess:)

    Have a wonderful weekend and I am so excited about my lamp!!!

  2. LOL!:) I can't say I'm a clean freak, but kinda wish I was.I like things organized for sure, but will usually do it in spurts.
    Isn't that vintage purse wonderful?!! It's really sweet.

  3. Dearest Amy,

    Coming from Victoria, I follow you now... Wishing you success with your new store and for keeping things tidy.
    Lovely items you show here.
    Have a nice day and love to you,


    1. Thank you Mariette, I'm so pleased you've joined. This is my outlet :) It's so nice that people actually like to visit!
      Take care and stop by again,