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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Dramatic lighting

Isn't it amazing what a change in light does to a room or an object?  I woke up a couple Saturdays ago to the most amazing light coming through the sliding glass door at the back of our living room. My china cabinet looked so beautiful and moody with its contrasting shadows. The cabinet is a dark mahogany and the china and shells are white. The shadows were so dark it almost appeared to be in black and white. It looked so dramatic and rich!
I decided to photograph and capture the beauty for good. Take a look.

Happy Sunday friends, Amy


  1. This happened in my bedroom last weekend, the light was shining through the top of our blinds and through my looked so pretty but I was way too lazy to get out of bed and grab my camera! Your photo's are lovely:)

    1. Hehe! That's too funny. Most days I'd have done the same thing. Especially since it was Saturday!

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