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Sunday, January 1, 2012


I'm from Montague, a sweet little town in Mass. And a town over is Turners Falls, an old factory town with brick buildings, church steeples, and a river that runs its border. For years it's been run down and quite sad. However it's making a comeback. 

New additions in the past ten years include...

Ristorante DiPaolo


The little town is really starting to find itself. 

My husband and I were on our way down to my brother's house to spend the evening with he, his wife, and their little Whitney, and we stopped in Turners to grab a couple Pizzas. I was SOO ecstatic to see that an amazing new shop has opened up! It's called Loot. It opened up this Fall and is a mixture of "Found and Made".   
The owners are genius. Take a look.

Industrial, modern, and eclectic. So incredibly cool... a feast for the eyes!
The owner was so sweet to let me take pictures to share with you. I purchased this fun vintage border and have no idea what to put it on yet but love the colors and Native feel. I'm sure I'll find a good home for it :)

High fives to the owners of Loot. A perfect addition to the up and coming main street. We've been waiting for you!