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Friday, April 26, 2013

Sandals Sandals Sandals!

Sandals...There is nothing like a great pair (Or twelve)! They can make a statement or allow a great pedi to shine. From leather to fabric, skin-tone to floral, there's certainly a perfect sandal for every gal!
Here are some favorites....

First I'll show you the "Sandal" sandals...these are the ones that show up when I search pinterest and when I saw them I had a bittersweet "I love it!"/That's a sandal??" reaction! The designs are so fun and interesting and chic. I would just hope they'd be as comfortable as they are cool...

A dressed up classic look!

Such a lovely soft design & interesting shape.

I love the sleek silhouette! A great Spring/Summer substitute for the boot!


Modern clean lines and the nude strap will make toe polish pop!
Then there are the sandals that have equally fun elements
without the break-my-ankle heels... ;) 
Much more practical for day-to-day...

You had me at animal print....

I love the neutral tones, very versatile!

Cute and beachy!

Wonderfully simple, I love the gold under-straps and hardware.

Another classic, versatile look!


FUN native vibe!

interesting shape, simple detail!

I find the ones I have with this shape are really comfy!

Nothing like a great pair of 'em to compliment or make an outfit!

Happy Friday friends!

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