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Friday, July 20, 2012

I Love the Unexpected

I was driving home from work tonight feeling a bit exhausted and ready to take a break on my couch. Then to my right was this huge yard sale!...Needless to say I got this sudden burst of energy :) I mean, an unexpected yard sale?? On a Friday night?!! Yes please. 
I browsed a bit and saw several things that I loved but didn't actually need or have a place for. Then I came across this lovely lamp that's so sea-glassy and pretty that I just had to get it. It will soon light up our desk once given its proper shade. Take a look. (Bulb stands a teeny bit crooked but with its shade it shouldn't matter.)

I love the detailed brass feet..

There's a white marble block on the inside..

Needs a little love but you can't go wrong for 10 bucks! I'll most likely give it a drum shade to give it a more modern look. I'll post photos once it's found its place.
Thank you for stopping by, Happy Friday!

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