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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Get the Look, photograph 2

Today I'm working with the second photograph in my Summer Blues post. Its a wonderful children's room. The owner found some great unique pieces that add a personal touch to the space. You can get a similar look by finding or creating your own special pieces that echo a similar nautical, cottage feel.
Here's another look at the room I found while browsing the Country Living site....

Paint-by-numbers are so fun and look amazing when displayed as a collection. To match a set like this, all you need is to find a range of landscapes in varying sizes then paint all the frames white. Here's a nice selection and you'll get the idea... Again, all finds are from Etsy! 

My Sisters Barn

I love the lamp's woodsy feel. Here's a great take on it!

As for the amazingly unique side table, its fun to find your own interesting piece and since theirs is one-of-a-kind (AKA Nearly impossible to find :) ) try something eye-catching like this great little table...

Now for an array of fabrics-spreads,pillows, and such with a wonderful nautical feel! Play with the patterns; a mix adds texture and depth that matched sets cannot...

And for a sweet finishing touch, bring a little outdoors in...

Enjoy, and please visit these wonderful shops!


  1. lovely post! thanks for including my spreads! :)

  2. You have such great taste Amy! I love the Etsy shops you're featuring...more shops to add to my Etsy addiction:)