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Monday, August 13, 2012

My New Lamp

A few weeks ago I posted about a great lamp I found for $10 at a tag sale. 
After one bad shade choice and one fun discovery, its ready for its debut :)

And the fun discovery...It's not marble inside, it's another light! 
You can light up top, bottom, or both!

Good Night,


  1. Oh how very cool and unique that is! I've never seen a lamp that lights up on the bottom.

    Did you figure out who Fifi O'Neill is? She wrote a book last year called Romantic Prairie Style and it did really well, she's so talented! I'd love to hunt down her Sarasota cottage, I think she has a shop there also but not sure.

    Hope your week's going well and thank you again for my lovely presents!!!

  2. I just looked her up! I can't tell if this is her site or if she's featured on it but take a look at it, pretty nice!! There's a cool vintage shop :)
    Thank you for visiting!!

  3. Oops,here's the link...haha!