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Saturday, May 4, 2013

We All Scream for Ice Cream!

I was soo excited to see that my favorite ice cream spot was officially open today! It's the Northfield Creamie, a sweet little place in the center of Northfield, MA. It was actually named best ice cream spot in New England by Yankee Magazine a few years back. It had been taken over by new owners that sold mostly local goodies and a soft serve with, get this, the highest possible butter fat content....( Bad, I know!) This makes the ice cream sinfully smooth.

It's so. incredibly. delicious.

 I always get the same thing..... a small vanilla cone with coconut dip. (I'd get a larger size if only they could dip it... wink,wink!)This dip isn't the thick hardening kind but a super soft, thin, white chocolatey dip with real toasted coconut flakes. SOOO good.

With the beautiful weather, brightly colored tables and chairs, and Natalie Merchant's folk songs playing over head it was a perfect visit. Avie and I walked there with my little neighbor friend. Her ice cream of choice? Coffee ice cream with chocolate sprinkles AND rainbow sprinkles AND m&ms! Too cute.

I just love this time of year.


PS Writing this reminds me that I never updated about that health food week I had before vacation. Though I shouldn't mix the two topics, ice cream and a It went really well. I have to say I felt great by the end of the week. So much more energy! I definitely think there's so much to be said about eating what's natural and cutting down on the processed foods! Though it was only for that week I try to eat that way often and limit the other stuff. It's all about balance. :) 
(One apple...two ice creams...JUST kidding!)

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  1. What a cute little place! Believe it or not, I don't have much of a sweet tooth but my husband does. We have an ice cream place down the street called Love Boat, my husband loves it!

  2. I have to say I don't understand how anyone can not LOVE sweets! My husband is the same, he would prefer salty treats over desserts. Hey, more for us with a sweet tooth! LOL!! How fun that there's an ice cream place right close to you! I noticed a lack of ice cream spots when we were in Florida. Only chains. Still good but nothing beats a small business creamie. :)