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Saturday, January 17, 2015

It's Been a While... MAD PHOTO ALERT!

Well hello! It's been so long since I've posted and I have so many fun and exciting things to share.

First and most importantly, a new little person. Yes! I had another baby girl. Here's my little Quinn-bear! Quinn is a family name, after Jon's grandparents. And her middle name is Avery, just for fun.  She's a delight, smiling all the time! (Ok not all the time. When she's not crying she's smiling ;) )
WARNING: Proud Momma Photo Overload!!!!!

Born September 21st!

..Of course, because we live in New England! Go Pats!!

At the Dr's, right before vaccines.... :(

I just love her!!

My sweet girl, Avalyn, turned two in November.. Still hard to believe!! Here's some highlights of her day to day activities:

Face painting at the Pumpkin Fest.

Munching her apple pie donut (Yes, you heard right).. while Momma works on the Etsy shop..

She loooves Quinn..

Dorothy for Halloween...

She wouldn't wear the ruby slippers, I think they were a little too tight :(!
So high top sneaks it was. We were calling it the Modern-Dorothy..LOL

And Quinn was Glinda, the Good Witch :)

All the cousins did trick or treating together. A town near us hosts a night where all the kids come and trick or treat through the store fronts. VERY crowded. We may skip it next year and opt for our small town instead. You can see Tin Man and Scarecrow here too. My sister's boys :).

Avie on her birthday, waiting for the cupcakes Momma was baking :)

After-tubby sister lovins.


Christmas baking with Grammy!

Opening her stocking Christmas morning.

This girl LIVES for play doh!

"Monkey George" is her favorite show!

Snow time!!

Yesterday at lunch with Grammy, Auntie and cousins.
She's such a big girl. Very sweet, polite, and though she has her days, an all around good little munchkin!!

We also bought a new home! A very old new home! 1880's to be exact! Its a two family colonial farmhouse. (Barn taken down years ago.) Its been maintained beautifully, so its WARM :)! One of the top things on my We absolutely love it here. For so many reasons of which are too numerous to share now and require their own post at a later date :)!

My shop is filling up with lovelies again, now that we are settled. Stop by for a browse!
Well, I've given you lots to chew on so I'll go for now. Nice to be back in the swing of things!
I hope you're all well.


  1. Wow Amy, congratulations on your new girlie!!! They are both so gorgeous! It looks like you've been keeping busy:) Your new home looks amazing too! Good to see a post from you, I'll check out your Etsy to see what new goodies you've got! A belated Happy New Year to you!

    1. Nice to hear from you Victoria :)! Hope you're well! I've got to swing over to your blog!..

  2. Amy,
    Congratulations on your new little darling, both girls are adorable! Also on your new house, it's gorgeous, warm is good too! My daughter's girls are 2yrs and 1mo, almost the same as yours. Kailyn loves her little sister Sarah too! Looking forward to more photos of them and the new house!

    1. Thank you Rebecca, you must be in love with your little grand babies! Such sweet ages, and two girls is so fun! I'll bet your daughter's hands are pretty full. Thank you so much for stopping by :).

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