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Wednesday, October 12, 2011


So I have to say, I'm a sucker for a good fashion magazine..... I know. While often times I find myself saying "Wow..they think that looks cute?" or "Honey..I can see your undies..." THIS Fall's fashion "trends" are quite exciting!

I opened the People Style Watch, September issue (Hey, at least it's People :)) and found SO many things that made me say "A Hah!! They finally got it!" The styles have such a great vintage feel. Tie-neck blouses, knee length skirts, V-neck cardigans, fit and flare dresses. I was so excited to see it all that I've held on to the magazine, dog-tagged the pages, and even sifted through thrift store racks for specific looks I wanted to try.

Since I can't keep all the goods for myself, I also found items for my new shop,Chestnut Hill Vintage 2 on Etsy. Please stop by the shop as I'll be posting stuff often.

And here's a peak in to People's Style Watch. If your style is anything like mine, you might be inspired to have a little fun, too.

All photos courtesy of People Magazine-Style Watch
To complete this post, can I just get a "Hallelujah!" for trends with class?! It's soo refreshing!
Thank you for stopping by! ~Amy

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