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Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Raw Beauty of Nature

Sunday was a beautiful sunny day in New Hampshire. A really nice change from the...snow...we got a couple weekends before. My husband, Jon, and I decided to go out and hike to this place we love. For Jon it's great fishing, and for me....PILES of drift wood, occasional river glass, and other really cool objects that make their way down the river and catch in a whirlpool by the dam. My artsy brain has a hay day every time we visit this spot. However, this time my husband suggested taking a shortcut through the woods and off the beaten path. Instead of coming to our usual spot, we came out to the edge of this beautiful inlet in the river. It was so fun walking along the water (Which is really quite far down from where I took this picture...hard to tell but it was really like a little beach. So pretty!) Not only were there piles of drift wood but all sorts of other fun things to collect.
So now it's project time- mixing vintage with nature! I'll be sure to post some pictures of the outcome.
But first, here's a look at my finds in all their natural glory.
Come back soon to see what they become!...

Check out my little Macy-girl bookin' down the bank.
The little black speck with tail and ears flapping  from the speed. :) 
She gets as excited as I do to explore new turf.

I can't wait to turn these simple, rustic finds in to something really spectacular!
Stay tuned for end results :)

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