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Monday, September 24, 2012

Leopard Print

I love it! Leopard print.... I have subtle accents of it throughout my entire house. From face towels to throw pillows, bed linens to our living room rug. It used to have such extreme types associated with it- Super ritzy or just plain tacky. But these days the print can be so refined, classy, and subtle if its used tastefully. Whether in the home or as an accessory I'm loving all the options!

SO in love... Piper Lime

Her entire post is full of amazing rooms.... Boxwood Terrace

Its an old post but I really like the contrast of the dark rich tones against the
bright walls and the sun-filled open-concept rooms... The City Sage

And lastly...
For real!... Old Navy

:) ~Amy

OoooKay..Just came across this bag and had to come back and add it..


  1. How cute are those tiny shoes!!! I love the leopard dress, I don't think I could pull it off at my ripe old age of 44 but it's very cute:)

  2. Um, yes you most certainly could! You're a hot mamma ;)!