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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Cuties for the Kiddos

While browsing Etsy for Valentine gift ideas for Avalyn,
 I stumbled across some things that are too cute not to share.
I can barely stand it, they're soo incredibly adorable!!!! Look!....

...soo sweet...

...acorn hat!!...oh my goodness....

.....the sweater....

...For real....

Just so incredibly cute and well made. I was amazed at each one, 
and the photos make them that much more incredible! 

Find these and more! Here at Felting Dreams

A few others I love...

These precious stuffed animals have a lovely vintage feel 
and fun little innocent expressions.

Quirky and fun, find these here at Tim O Handmade

I can testify that these cuties are even more adorable in person!
This is the seller that made Avalyn's owl, 
sent to us by our sweet friend Callie!! 
(See my previous post, The Gift of Friendship)

See all of her items Here at For My Darling!

I hope you enjoy these wonderful little guys (and gals) as much as I do!!
Have a great weekend.

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  1. So many cute little friends! Thanks for sharing these.