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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Fort De Soto

We'll be going on vacation come April to visit one of our favorite places on earth; Fort De Soto, Florida. (See last year's post here.) We stay in St Pete with my grandparents who are snow birds there every winter. Once we're settled in the first place we go is Fort De Soto. White sand, crystal waters, and beautiful shells. Discovering it on our honeymoon we just can't get enough. And to take Avalyn there for her first time is so exciting. Now I realize she won't remember one moment of it... :).... but its nostalgic for me to bring her to a place that means so much to Jon and I.

I found these images online, they get me soo psyched! 

One of my favorite things, being that its a state park, is that it's kept natural.
The palm trees are left untrimmed and have this wonderful tropical island feel.
 Well, I guess that's because it pretty much is one... ;)

Here's my beach bum last year...I love this picture. He's too funny!
Only a month of blah New England weather left.



  1. Awww, look at your hunny in the sand! We haven't explored as much as we want to but St. Pete's and all the surrounding area's are on our list! Florida really has so much history and beauty, we're loving it here:) I hope you post some pics of that precious little cherub Avalyn on her beach vacation! I just love the name you chose for her!

    1. Yes, definitely explore St Pete. If you like thrift stores there's a ton! And like I said, Fort De Soto is amazing! I will post pictures of little Avalyn for sure :)! Thank you.