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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Spring is in the Air

We've had wonderful warm weather the past couple days in New England. 
The earthy fresh scent of Spring is in the air!! 
What a great time to dream about alfresco dining and outdoor living spaces! 
Here are some looks to help inspire.

(...I love these simple centerpieces. A great DIY project!)

(...How sweet is this?)

(...I love this welcoming walk way! And I've always wanted an arbor. 
This one is so clean and simple.)

(...Self explanatory!!!)

(...Can you even imagine?!)

(...What a great way to use succulents, 
and the tiny lights along the wall are so sweet.)

AH..I can't wait to have dinner outside, 
spend the days fishing and sitting by the water. 
Plant some things (Hopefully a small garden..!) and just relax in the warm sun.
It's so close...  I can taste it!

(Insert a steaming sample of fresh maple syrup here :) )


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