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Thursday, March 28, 2013


I'll give a clue to help you answer the 100th Post Giveaway!
I did a post last year about my Boston Terrier... 

since he's my boy  and all...

(If you missed my GIVEAWAY post, click HERE for details)


  1. Oh Amy, I keep forgetting to tell you this. I'm not sure if you knew your comments had the Captcha thing attached, where you have to decipher a really hard to read code before it will publish your comment...I know a lot of bloggers aren't even aware they have it so wasn't sure if you knew it was there! It's sooooo hard to decipher those darn codes so I wanted to give you a heads up in case you wanted to remove it:)

    Happy "almost" Easter!!! I'll be working on figuring out pups name too:)

    1. OH MY WORD!! I'm soo glad you told me this because I had no clue!!! I will remove it (if I can figure out how...haha!) Its funny because my friend has it on her blog and it drives me bonkers but I didn't know it was on mine. I better tell her, she probably doesn't know either! Thank you Victoria! And thank you for sending folks my way, I so appreciate it! XO Happy Easter to you as well, Amy

  2. Hi Amy, i àm dear friends with our friend blogger Victoria, she is a beautiful soul, she stopped by telling me about you, I it was awhile back when I discovered you and took notice of your site due to a theatre production I did for the holidays with a little felted mouse with its grey tu tu, from Penny who creates felt, and a google search took me to your site seeing you felted cuteness as well, I then started reading some older postings of yours and was in WowNess over some of your cute postings of creativeness... my moms friend had a Boston terrier and it had a cute name and when I noticed your pooch with the name Tux, I thought why not he is wearing a dapper formal tux of his own!

    His name is TUX !

    Lots of inspiration and beauty you grace.
    I follow you and I believe I left you a comment in the past.
    Come for a visit I created angel wings and in my older postings you will find my theatres throughout my past postings.

    Happy Easter


    1. WOOHOO Dore!! ( I apologize 100 times over because I cannot for the life of me get the accent over your name!! SORRY! :) ) I'm not very computer savvy.. If you could email me at I'll be able to get your address and I'll send you a little questionnaire so I can get to know you a little. This will help me in the search :) Thanks for entering! -Amy

  3. Hi, Amy, I am a friend of the lovely Victoria of Slightly Shabby, and she mentioned you were celebrating 100 posts. I wanted to extend a huge congratulations to you on reaching your first 100! Before you know it, you'll be at 200 posts, then 300...then you'll wonder how on earth you could have been blogging for 5+ years.

    Your little Boston terrier is adorable. I'm quite sure he brings loads of laughter to your life. And if his name is Tux, as the above commenter wrote, I think that suits him perfectly.

    Best wishes on your giveaway!

    1. Thank you Patti! For taking the time to stop in and write, I appreciate it. :) Tux really is the best, he was my first "baby"!
      I'm so glad Victoria told you to visit! Stop in again,