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Friday, March 22, 2013

Hello again.

I've been really bad about posting lately. It's time to restart! Especially with the arrival of Spring! (Though there's still a couple inches of snow here in New England...) So let's see, what's new on my end?

Avie is getting big! 16 lbs and counting. She's more and more wonderful with each day, having recently giggled for her first time! She's started on a little rice cereal as well....milestones. I didn't believe people when they said, "It goes so fast!" but I'm finding it soo true! I'm trying to be mindful of soaking up every minute with her!

Visiting her Great Grandparents.

She loooves Daddy!

Wiped out...

So fun. What else? 

The shop...Things are going well. Soon our local driftwood spot will be thawed and beautiful so I can hike out and find more lovely pieces for my driftwood signs! I've also started making pillows which I have yet to post. I found some amazing fabrics and couldn't wait to make them. They're on their way soon. 

I just posted these items and can't wait to go hunting again~ I'll be doing a little while in Florida!!

Things I've been loving lately...

I came across a really fun blog, Sequins and Stripes. I always thought it'd be fun to live in the city for one year (Never became reality :) ) but I love reading about this Chicago girl and her clothing/social happenings. She's adorable and always shares really fun items. Though I never bring myself to spend lofty amounts for clothes (Self proclaimed thrift-store junkie...) I love seeing her finds. 

Speaking of lofty, here are some things on my Dream List...

While I want to give each girl on this site
 a snack... ;) I love the fun dresses and jumpers.
Now, when I say dream list I really mean probably too young 
and no longer conducive to my new Mamma-body. 
Let's be clear. Lol.
And though I fought the urge for a long time, I too am now addicted to Pinterest. 
Eye candy everywhere you look!... As you can tell I like a variety of styles. 


I love the paint-by-number displayed in a fresh, new way.


I'd use a neutral palette but I love this wall!

This dark wall and gold frames against the 
white bedding is so regal and pretty.

All of these images can be found by following Jukavo on Pinterest!

It's nice to be back in the swing of things.
Hello again to all my blog friends, and welcome Spring! 
How I've missed you both.


  1. Oh goodness, I want to jump into my computer screen and snuggle that baby!!! She is precious!!! Those cheeks and those eyes and those lips!

    Pinterest is so very addictive isn't it? I love it too:) I agree on the models, they could use a nice hearty meal.

    So glad you're doing well Amy! I too have been a very bad blogger lately, I need my mojo back!

    1. It's so funny because sometimes I'm so excited to post and work on my shop and other days I have no motivation..I guess it's true with most things but I want to be mindful so its consistent!
      I need to visit your I go ;)