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Friday, March 29, 2013

Dore from Burlap Luxe is the WINNER!!

Great job Dore!!!! You are my GIVEAWAY winner! :)
My Boston Terrier is in fact TUX!!
(I previously posted about him here...My Boy!)

Thank you to my bloggers for following me along the way!
Its been a fun 100 posts, here's to 100 more!!
I see new faces among my friends here, thank you for joining :)!!


Please email me at!
I'll send a little questionaire to get to know you 
and will also be able to get your information for mailing!
Thank you!
(I'd email you straight through blogger but its telling me my computer is not "configured"...whatever that means ;)!!)


  1. Yayyyyy Dore!!! Congratulations to her! She's going to be thrilled! And pup actually does look like he's wearing a little tuxedo:)

  2. Thank you Amy girl! I am thrilled, excited like crazy, jumping up and down with joy!

    Only if Victoria had asked me what the dogs name was, I could have helped her win :)

    See you soon, and all you inspire over here.

    Happy Easter.


    1. Hi Dore! Just a quick reminder/request to please email me your address/mailing info to send your prize! Thank you so much!
      If you did already let me know, I don't see any in my inbox.