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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Time to Get Healthy!! Also:Eggs and Bunnies!!

Avie and I went on a little shopping trip today so I could try on some clothes for Florida. This decision was made after I pulled out my summer clothes this morning and....maybe 1/4 of them fit....sorta.
It was quite a wake up call that I really need to get serious about getting back in shape.  Since having the baby I've noticed my body feeling weaker, probably from being in the house too much and not eating quite like I should. 

Instead of getting really discouraged I thought, hey, I'm going to challenge myself to do a pre-vacation Get Healthy plan. This plan includes lots and lots of veggies, fruits, little bit of meat, and LOTS of walks!! :) Maybe it will jump-start me and give me the boost I need for the long haul.

I'll give a little update with each post, not for my readers necessarily, because who really gives a hoot :)!!... But for me, for accountability!

Ok, now on to fun things. 


I love the gold-marbled eggs pictured here...

Find the How To for this and much more Here at Oh the Lovely Things
a blog I just started following.

Speaking of eggs, here are some other really fun ideas!

...Sweet and pretty, just add scrap-booking stickers!

...So funny. (#2 pencil, or use a sharpie maybe?)

..I could see you doing this one Victoria. :)

...Hand drawn designs, simple and unique.

...Super easy grass fringe cups, self explanatory.

And my absolute favorite...

I just love this idea, using tissue paper and print-outs!! How To Here.

(All images from Pinterest)

RECIPE-Since there will be no peeps for me till Wednesday next week :(...
Bunny Salads:

Here's a really cute salad idea for Easter that my mom always made for us. I googled it to see if I could find a picture but all I found was salads fixed the wrong way that sadly look like mice instead of!! (Sorry, not the wrong way, just different...wink,wink.)

You'll need: Lettuce/Cottage cheese/Canned pear halves-cut in half again lengthwise/Green olives/Maraschino cherries/Super thin carrot sticks

Place a nice amount of lettuce on plate as a base for the salad. Place a large scoop of cottage cheese in the center. Place two pears at top of cot. cheese for the ears, skinniest ends pointing up. Olives are eyes-center facing upward, a cherry is the nose, and carrot sticks are whiskers. Its a super cute salad and surprisingly it tastes really yummy! (You can also use a hard boiled egg cut in half for the ears if you prefer over the pears.)


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