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Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Ocean is Calling

So my hubby and I were browsing through the free movie section on demand the other night and I see Message in a Bottle.... I was like "Ohh!!! Please?" Of course the response was "No way, watch it when I'm not here"...LOL!! If you've never seen it, it's one of those must-sees for sure. Such a sweet love story, sappy and unrealistic of course, but cute to watch. But my main draw to it, besides the soundtrack that I used to own and listen to often, is the beautiful location. He lives right on the water in the Carolinas and everything about the movie scenery is sooo perfect. 

If you have yet to see it....Watch it!! I highly recommend it! 

While I love the tropical beaches in Florida and the crystal clear water there, I am most drawn to the (cold) Maine coastal shores, Bar Harbor and Bass Harbor being my favorites. I love the rustic feel and woodsy landscape. So I took a little virtual ocean trip via Pinterest, since I can't very well go to the ocean right away.

The best part? I can share it! Enjoy :)

I hope you've had a wonderful weekend. 
I'm trying to get back in the swing of things over in the shop. I sold quite a bit at the bazaar and am working on restocking! :) Stay tuned for a sneak peak!

Thank you for stopping by!

(All photos found by searching Bar Harbor and Bass Harbor on Pinterest.)


  1. Lovely photo's Amy! I've never been to Maine but would love to someday:) I think Message in a Bottle is a Nicholas Sparks film??? If so, he always uses beautiful locations!

    Congrats on your success at the bazaar!

    1. Thank you Victoria :)And yes, Nicholas Sparks!! Always so good!

  2. AMY! Your blog spot is beautiful. It is so inspiring. I never really considered a blog as something artistic until I saw yours:0) I feel there are too few hours in the day for creativity. However, you might see me blogging one of these days.
    How wonderful to see your Vintage Show. Looks like it was a big one! You go girl! I love the name of your shop. The origin of all your creative juices. It always was a cozy, peaceful area. I miss it a lot! Again...I'm so delighted and amazed at what you are doing.

    1. Thank you so much :) It's a lot of fun, I can write about anything. That's why I love it! Thank you for stopping by Aunt Cathy.