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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Shed a Little Light-(Project Livingroom)

I've decided it's time to update our living room. Give it a makeover! It's currently too dark and really needs to be mixed with more modern pieces. I've know this for a while but had so much going on with Avie that I'm just now deciding to make time and do it. Especially since we're trying to move back towards where we grew up, to be closer to family and my hubby's job. The changes will be good for us being that we spend a lot of time in the living room, and also good for buyers to see that it can be light and current. It's an old house and since our price range will most likely appeal to first-time home buyers I want it to be as appealing as possible. 

Now comes budget. It will be a small one. Not only because I'm a stay-home mom but because I love the challenge of finding pieces to re-purpose and to use what we already have. 

Our house is north facing, making for a lack of natural light. All of our windows seem to also face north or south. The whole east end is a non-insulated raw storage type area where we keep our tools and such and is completely closed off from the downstairs (Making for no eastern light either...). So needless to say its a bit dark. 

Step one: Bring in some light with soft grays, whites, and neutrals. 

I've looked a little on Pinterest this morning and have added lots of inspiration photos to my Project Livingroom board. Here's a look at some of my favorites.

I looove this color pallete, especially Silver Drop!

I love the light beachy feel, and we have a large mantel in the center as well, though our room is long and thin, not open like this. Our mantel, the built-in cabinets, and floor boards/trim are white.

I love the texture of the rug and again the beachy accents. I also love the dark gray paint in the shelves. We have a lot of shelves and this may be a perfect option.

I love the sectional and I have a few wooden boxes that will bring a similar feel. 

I love this sectional as well...and the darker tone. Fun rug and throws.

I really want to do a photo collage similar to this. 

I love the ombre artwork, a great and simple way to update the room. I'm also a HUGE fan of white shades. 

We'll see how things unfold. 

First things first, I need to CLEAN the livingroom and get it ready to clear out and paint.

I'll keep you posted. May be a long project with Avie and all but it's definitely time for me to make the start.

Happy fourth!! I hope you're enjoying time with friends and family.

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  1. Oh wow, you're selling your house! You must be busy!!! I love your inspiration pics, I think the colors will definitely lighten up the room:) Hope your 4th was wonderful:)