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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Living Room Update

I posted a couple weeks ago the plan to repaint and decorate our living room. Since, I've visited our local paint store for color ideas and grabbed a whole bunch of samples. They've been hanging on the wall and after a lot of sitting and staring, ;), I've decided on the color. (As well as the colors for the hallway and kitchen, other future projects.)

Here were the options...

And here's the one I chose..

Winter White. While I like the other shades I found I really wanted a straight up gray. Not a tinted gray like a yellowish-gray or a pinkish-gray. This one is very light and subtle. Since the room can be dark I want it to brighten it up so I was drawn to the lightest shade on the card.

It was a toss up between this and the Sebring White and though it's sooo hard to tell here, let alone in person, that there's even a difference the Sebring is a greenish-tint and I'm SO done with greens in the living room. As you can see it's an olive-ish color now (called River Reed) and though I do love the color, I'm sick of looking at it in this space. Bring in some LIGHT!

So far I've taken down all the paintings and decor. Just have to purchase the paint and clean the walls to start. Can't wait. I think it'll make a world of difference.

Here's my idea of the overall color palette and textured feel..

I've started by "shopping" my home for things to bring in. I have lovely ikat material in a sandy color scheme that I'll be using for pillows, two wicker ottoman/seats, and a BEAUTIFUL large white lamp that I bought a while back at a tag sale that I've been dying to use for more than just a storage room light. 
(It was $2!!!....wait till you see it!) 
I also have a collection of vintage gold frames that I had found for the shop but just may "steal" for our room instead! I'm loving this look...

and want to do something similar so I think I'll have to keep 'em!
So there's an update. 
And now just a few family photos, because the moments are too good not to share.

Isn't this incredible? The moon was so big! It was such a sweet night. Just imagine singing birds, bugs chirping, and the slightest breeze. Cheesy? Yes. But true!

My hair is a hot mess but look how cuuuute she is all snuggly.

And this one's a new favorite! She LOVED swimming in the lake. My little mermaid!



  1. I love the paint color you chose Amy and I can tell the difference from the Sebring white, even in the photo. I'm sure it'll make a huge difference!

    Haha, my hair looks like that EVERY day lol. I've given up on it in the FL humidity so it's frizzy ponytails for me:) Your little water baby is adorable! I remember my boys being in the water when they were little and those diapers get sooooo water logged, it would add about 10 lbs of weight to them!

    1. LOL, yes! So true, the watery dipe made her SO much heavier, and that's heavy because as you can see she's already a tank. :) We've had some humid days here and I'll tell you that although I fall in love with Florida every time we visit in spring I can't imagine doing the humid summers... though maybe not too bad if you're near water? I'm sure you're beautiful even with a frizzy ponytail! :) Thanks for stopping Victoria!