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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A Quick Hi

It's been a while!

Stopping in to say a quick hello, since it's 12.... AM.....Yep, sad I know. (Sometimes the only free time you get is in the wee hours of the night when a baby is concerned.) Trying to decide what to post I realize I haven't posted my Avie in a while. We've hit a milestone. She's officially too big for her bassinet. Today Daddy and I put together her crib. She's almost 9 months...crazy! So here's a few pictures of my girl. :)

One of my favorites...LOL!

With cousin Bryce...cuties!

Drying off after a dip in the river.

Little chunker, at the lake with Grammy, Momma, and cousin Whitney.

She's awesome. Such a blessing!
Thanks for stopping by. 
(Time for this Momma to go to bed!...hehehe)

1 comment:

  1. Oh goodness, those chunky baby legs are too precious!!! She is one adorable baby!!!