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Friday, February 13, 2015

Hanging Heart Tutorial - Valentine Sweetness!

My sweet friend Miranda just had a little babe, Hope Elizabeth. I wanted to make her something extra special for Valentine's Day so I put together a fun heart wall hanging.


I took some pics to show you how it all came together. (Though it's really quite self explanatory. :) )
I made the little hearts a long time ago and came across them recently. So I pulled them out! They're way too cute to keep in a box! Here's how I made them:

 I cut out the hearts, placed a stretched out cotton ball in the center, glued the edges, and then did a simple stitch around the edge once glue had dried. Super simple.
For the hanging you'll need: a branch, your hearts, string or yarn, scissors, paint, paint brush(es) and paper to lay your branch on to paint.

1.paint your stick white, or background color of your choice. Once dry paint on any accents you'd like. Keep it simple as the string will also add to it. Let dry.

2. Punch holes in hearts. You may need to use the tip of your scissors to push the cotton back into heart.

To get the yarn on tightly I held the end with one hand like you see here, leaving a few inches for tying, then wrapped the other end around several times being sure to overlap the first end. This way when you've wrapped to the look you desire, you can tie the ends and it will make a nice secure knot. I tied in the back of the branch so knots are hidden.

Decide lengths that you want the hearts ahead of time so you have a plan in place. Trust me. ;) I didn't to start and had to do several over because they didn't hang right or lay right. :)

Once all hearts are in place you can add the end knots for the hanging string! And there you have it. A sweet little Valentine-inspired gift to give a little Love.
Meanwhile Avalyn has been working on her own Valentine's Day treats. She recently discovered glue. She's hooked! Ive only had to tell her not to put the tip in her mouth three or four times....yikes. ;)
Happy Valentine's Day!

Coming soon: A Valentines Brunch :)
Happy Friday!~Amy


  1. Happy Valentine's Day Amy! What a darling little project that is. It reminds me of the RA mobile with the hanging birds:) Hah, little ones always want to eat glue!!!

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