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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Valentine Floral Arrangements

My sweet Jessica, a long time friend, brought me a beautiful bouquet of flowers last week, just because. I had planned a family brunch for Valentine's Day and decided to arrange the flowers as centerpieces for the table. Here's a look..

I love these sweet mercury glass goblets and thought they'd make great vases.

First I separated the different blooms

and used the smaller flowers as "filler" to create a nice shape like so..

Then I added the larger "statement" blooms for impact. (Look at that PINK! It doesn't get much more Valentine-y than that.)...

and I love the paper-white calla lilies! Super delicate and pretty. The bright green flowers were my favorite because they were so happy! I saved those for last to be sure they'd stick up nice and tall!
Any idea what kind they are?? Looks like a mum but with a tall single stem.

and those pink lilies yell SPRING which I need, because umm:

So you can imagine how much these beautiful flowers brightened my day!

And they made a lovely backdrop for our Valentine's brunch.

I hope you received a little love on Valentines as well.
Thank you for stopping by,
and thank you Jess for my sweet blooms!


  1. Beautiful! I always take bouquets apart and put them in different vases too:) Makes them more fun! I love your mercury glass goblets!

    I put a post up yesterday so stop by when you have time:)

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