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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Pressed Fall Ferns (How-To)

 It's amazing how many variations of color you find in Autumn ferns! Depending on sunlight and moisture, the ferns turn color at different times and you're left with a beautiful range of yellows, oranges, and golds. I gathered loads of different colors and pressed some into a set of gold vintage frames I've been hanging on to. I've been wanting to do a frame collage wall in our living room once done. I'll be adding these to the mix. Displayed here with some found "heart" rocks, they'll be a lovely addition.

I love the natural chevron-like shape ferns have. 
When displayed together like this they create a graphic all their own. 

Here's what I did, though pretty self explanatory...
Gathered my goods, then picked out frames and scissors.

The "matte" is a vintage wallpaper I've been storing for such projects. 
Any paper or even fabric would work.

I cut the matte to fit the frame...

Laid it on top of fern and trimmed edges of fern to size.

Extra trimming may be necessary once you turn it to position how you want it.

Lay glass back on top.

Carefully slide ALL of it back into frame at once.
(Trust me, don't try to layer each thing one at a time....Headache! :) )

Slide the back in and you're done :)!

So far the color has remained the same as the day I made them!
Even if they only last this season, so worth it. 
They really look pretty.

I hope your Fall is going well!
Stay warm & cozy,

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