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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Our Latest Fall-Inspired Projects and Happenings

My mom, niece Whitney, Avie and I had a little Fall craft day yesterday. I was eager to try this project that I saw on Pinterest....

So we went out for a nature walk, collecting leaves in our little red apple buckets.
Then we sat down to decoupage. So fun! Whitney painted a large pumpkin while we shuffled through the leaves finding the right color and shapes...

Avie helped out by eating... :)

Whitney proceeded to "paint" Auntie's door, with the unwanted help from Avie... Haha.
"No Abie....No."

After lots of decoupage, here's a look at the outcome. 
Mom had to leave early for Whitney's dance class ;) so hers is still in progress. 
I love the fern-like leaves she used, though, and wanted you to see it.

I loved these fuchsia- toned leaves. 

And here's Whitney's master piece!... 
I'm sure it would be worth millions if pumpkins only lasted... :)

All in all a great time together. 
Nothing like sharing these kinds of projects and fun with the ones you love!


My hubby, Avie and I have done lots of Fall hiking..

The leaves were just starting to change and we came across 
multiple ponds and river openings that boasted beautiful foliage views!

Our little cliff hanger!

Each time we had a cozy picnic..

And Avie-girl had her first tootsie pop. :) Needless to say my hair was.... sticky.

Avie popped her first tooth and has pulled herself up to her feet!!
She's so close to walking!

We attended a friend's amazing Autumn wedding this weekend. 
Such a lovely view and perfect weather!

Little Whitney was a flower girl! And to the left my sister-in-law Kim and her adorable
prego belly! She looked amazing, and is due Oct 18th!!!!!! (BOY!)

(You can kinda see my ombre hair that I previously posted about having done. Very subtle reds.)

She is becoming a Daddy's girl! Forget Mamma. ;)

Her old-man face...Hehehe.

Coloring with Grammy and Grampy at the reception. These water-marker
books are GENIUS!!! 

And fun with Whitney including BUBBLES!!

(Jut look at Whitney. Can we say CUTE?!)

All in all a wonderful Fall so far, filled with family, friends, and lots of fun!
I'm a thankful girl!


  1. Wow, you have been busy Amy! Your pumpkins turned out beautifully, I love that idea!

    Your little one is growing up, I can't believe she's almost walking! Then she'll really have you on your toes:) Good times! I'm sure this Christmas will be a blast, you must be so excited! I loved the holidays when my kids were little...well, I still love them but kids make them so much fun:)

    1. Yes, I'm so excited for Christmas!! I absolutely love the holidays!! It's funny because every now and then I pop a Christmas cd in or look through my decorations.... Pretty bad but I just love it. :) I'm hoping Avie will engage a little more this year and will have fun opening stuff. :) Thanks Victoria.

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