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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Ode To The Gilmores

One of the tragedies in my life was in 2007 when Gilmore Girls went off the air. Truly, it was heartbreaking..death-in-the-family-like! Besides its quirky characters and their fast witty dialog, the town of Stars Hollow had a coziness like no other. A sense of family and festivity. Lorelai and Rory were always headed to some town gathering, often on the town common that housed its signature white gazebo. Festivals, fundraisers, concerts, etc. I always got in the festive mood just watching the show- and there was nothing like the first snow of the winter-Lorelai's favorite. She'd walk the sidewalks in town after dark when no one was out and all was quiet, and the Christmas lights adorned all of the store fronts, just soaking in the warmth of the season. (And making her latest winter hat and mittens look so darn cute!)

(For a walk down Memory Lane fellow Gilmore-gurus, or for those who've never had the privilege:
Let It Snow-Gilmore Girls flash back!!)

Anyhew- back to my main point...I'm getting there....tonight I helped with a fund-raiser at a church in Newfane, VT. I've driven through the town a time or two but never stopping to look and certainly not around Christmas time. It was like stepping in to Stars Hollow. Beautiful old Colonial homes with candles and lights and wreaths on all the windows. There were all the basics, the town hall, post office, church with the a steeple, and an Inn, of course. (Lorelai ends up buying and running an Inn with her best friend Suki-The Dragonfly Inn). On our way in to town we were in a hurry to get there and set up, so during the intermission I made my way out in to the cold to capture pictures of the beautiful town in all its twinkling glory!
I was in Gilmore heaven :) or something like it. Hall heaven I suppose. Take a look :)

That's the moon!

The New England Ringers were the main event, an AMAZING bell choir of about 15 or 20 people. Soo pretty. My task was to make 120 cupcakes. In return I received two tickets! :)

My hubby was a really good sport and came with me. It was a really nice time. Very Gilmore-esque!
Lorelai and Rory..I miss you.